The best thing I’ve done

There are at least a million times in every day that I stare at my child and wonder how in the world something — someone — so perfect and amazing came from me. I wonder because Jerry and I… we are flawed; we are imperfect. And yet…

Caleb is nothing if not perfect. I know that to the world he may not be as perfect, as beautiful, as magnificent as he is to me, but still… I am amazed. His pouty lips, his gummy smiles, his silly laughs… there is nothing I would change.

You worry nonstop before your child is born. You hope and you pray that nothing will be wrong. You even get ultrasounds and tests done. Then they hand him to you, and all your fears disappear in an instant. Even though he is slimy, and screaming, and cone-headed… he is beautiful. He is perfect.

I swear, this child gets more beautiful by the day. He is the best thing I’ve done and my greatest accomplishment. I never thought I’d be more proud as I was the moment I crossed the finish line in my first half-marathon… until I held him in my arms and nothing could compare.

How in the world is he mine?

caleb sleeping


Five on Friday (8)

Woohoo, it’s Friday! I used to work every weekend before I went out on maternity leave so Fridays weren’t all that thrilling. When I went back to work though, I went into the weekend rotation and only work 1-2 weekends a month now. I’m off this weekend, so Friday is looking really good this week! Here are some of my random Friday thoughts:


ONE. Have you all heard that “Full House” is (kind of) coming back?! It’s probably my all time favorite show, so I’m really, really excited! It’s coming to Netflix and will be called “Fuller House.”

TWO. Life has been even crazier and more hectic since my return to work a couple of weeks ago, hence the slight slow down of posts here. I’m happy to say I’ve been able to post once a week since my return, but it is much less than my usual. This is my second post this week and is the first time since going back that I’ve been able to post a second time in one week so yay! Other working moms, how do you find the time to balance everything? It’s definitely a struggle!

THREE. Jerry and I saw “It Follows” recently and I LOVED it! Jerry wasn’t really a fan but I thought it was so creepy in a subtle way and it is definitely one of my new favorite horror movies. Anyone else see it yet? We’re hoping to see “Unfriended” this weekend. We’re definite horror movie buffs.

FOUR. I am really not a cook at all unless it’s a crockpot meal, but I cooked last weekend using the actual oven and stove! I made ranch pork chops and Jerry loved them as much as I did… so easy and delicious! Mix ranch dressing powder (just the powder) with a little seasoned salt and pepper, coat pork chops with it, then bake for 20 minutes at 450. Try it if you need something quick and easy. We love it!

FIVE. New York is not known for its weather, but we finally had some warm weather last week. Don’t worry, it’s back to being cold again, but we did take advantage of the nice weather last weekend. We took the baby down to the beach where we got frozen custard and started to walk on the pier. It got a bit too cold so the walk didn’t last long, but it was nice to get him out in the fresh air for once. I’ve been dying to get him outside in the stroller so it was really nice!caleb custard resized


Caleb: Three Months!

3 monthsCaleb is three months old today! I cannot believe my baby is a quarter of a year old already. I feel like it was just yesterday that we were on our way to the hospital, but at the same time, it feels really long ago too. Time is a funny thing.

The best thing about the past month has been the frequency of Caleb’s smiles. He smiles quite a bit these days and it’s probably the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. He’s also started laughing recently too. He thinks my brother and my aunt are the funniest people in the world. He’s started “talking” too, which cracks me up. We have little conversations and I love it.

hat resizedHe’s a great sleeper now too! He goes to sleep between 9 and 10 each night, and wakes up around 8 each morning. Yup, that’s right, no more middle of the night feedings! This mama and daddy are happy campers. On the flip side though, he is the world’s worst napper. He very rarely naps during the day, and just takes a few cat naps here and there of about 5-10 minutes. The longest we usually get is around 30-45 minutes, and that’s if he’s feeling generous. I’d take a full night’s sleep any day though so I can’t complain much!

I returned to work this past month and things are going fine on that front too. He’s home with Jerry most of the day because he works evenings. Then, on his way to work, he drops him off to my mother’s and I pick him up after work. Caleb has had no problems adjusting, so neither have I. I do miss him during the day, but I think me being back at work is the best thing for all of us.

We think Caleb has recently started pre-teething or teething in the last week or two. He’s been drooling a lot, chewing on his hand, and has been a little bit on the fussy side. Some days he acts totally fine, but then other days he can get crabby. Baby Tylenol seems to help him a bit. I haven’t seen any teeth just yet, but I think they’re coming soon. He’s also been congested for a few weeks now. The doctor suggested a humidifier at night which we’ve been using, but he’s still stuffy… my poor guy!

He is still in 3-6 month clothing, but he has worn 6-9 a couple of times too. I think he’ll be in the 6-9 month clothes exclusively very soon. He’s currently still in size 2 diapers, but will likely be moving up to size 3 in the next week or so. My guess is that he’s somewhere around 16 pounds now. He’s a big baby, but he’s also very strong and has always had really good head and neck control. He’s currently sitting up in his little seat. Today is his first day sitting in it for an extended period of time and he’s doing really well! I think we’ll get him an exersaucer or a Baby Einstein bouncy soon. He still hates tummy time, but I try for a couple of minutes each day because I want him to learn how to roll over.

All in all, Caleb is a really good and happy baby. He is growing well and thriving. I can’t wait to discover what his next milestones may be!

Caleb on his one month, two month, and three month birthdays. The changes are incredible!

Caleb on his one month, two month, and three month birthdays. The changes are incredible!


What working motherhood is…

Gifts and treats from coworkers on my first day back, including a homemade frame with his photo.

Gifts and treats from coworkers on my first day back, including a homemade frame with his photo.

I now have nearly two weeks under my belt as a working mom. I was both eager to get back and sad to leave my boy. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t cry and stare at my sleeping baby the Sunday night before I went back, but the dramatics proved to be unnecessary. It was a challenge walking out of my house last Monday morning knowing I wouldn’t see my little guy for over eight hours, but it wasn’t so bad once I arrived.

Now I’m getting back into the swing of things at work, and to be honest, working again makes me feel a bit more like myself. I’ve always seen my job, whatever it has been, as a large part of my identity. Jerry and I both need to work for financial reasons, but I also don’t think I’m meant to be at a stay at home mom, even if given the option. While I don’t like missing out on anything with the baby, and being a mom is the most important thing ever, working has always been important to me. It makes me feel good about myself and fills me with a sense of pride. There are some days that I envy those who are fortunate enough to be able to stay home, but at the end of the day, I don’t know if it would be right for me. I am in NO WAY bashing stay at home mothers, as they too have their own unique set of challenges… I am simply sharing my own experiences.

Here are some of the things that I’ve discovered about what working motherhood is…

…it is rewarding. I get to be a mom, a wife, and have a career. I play a lot of roles in my life, all of which are important (though none quite as important as the mama role!), and I like that.

…it is tiring. I work all day then take care of the baby all evening. Once he goes to sleep, I try to take care of the house and then have some “me” time which usually includes reading, blogging, or TV. Sometimes though, there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to do it all so I do my best. We’re a liiiittle behind on laundry, but I did make a small dent in it today! I’m also behind in my reading (and blogging!), but what can you do?

…it is empowering. I feel proud that I help provide for my family. I feel confident that I will be a good role model to my son and that I will push him to succeed and set his own goals. I feel good knowing that I am doing what I need to for my family, and that Caleb will know his parents worked hard to provide for him. Jerry and I have to make a lot of sacrifices, with me working days and him working evenings, but we know this is what we need to do for our family and our son.

…it is waking up early and staying up late, just to get things done. It is blogging in bed at 11 at night, and reading until way past my old “bedtime,” because nights are the only time I get to read now.

…it is seeing my son smile at me when I walk through the door, and my heart immediately melting.

My life as a working mom is so different than my working life before having a baby. It can be hectic and overwhelming, but the challenges are worth it to me. Being a mom is the most important thing in my life, and the best job anyone could ever hope to have… but it’s always been important for me to maintain my own identity too. Continuing to work has played a huge role in that for me. Yes, I miss my baby, but I have pictures of his sweet little face all over my desk. When I miss him, all I have to do is look at that smiling, silly face of his and realize that I want to work even harder for him. He inspires me and motivates me to be better and do more, in all aspects of my life. I want to teach him what it means to have a good work ethic and pride. I want him to grow up knowing that Jerry and I work hard to give him everything he needs and to provide for him. I want him to know that the hardest things in life are often the most rewarding, and that most good things in life come only from hard work and determination.

I’m a working mom not only because I have to be, but also because I want to be. I hope that one day my son will be proud of me.

That face is all the motivation I need... // With Caleb before leaving on my first day back.

That face is all the motivation I need… // With Caleb before leaving on my first day back.


It takes a village.

collage 1 resize

“It takes a village to raise a child.”

I am learning just how true that statement is, and I’ve been learning it since the day my son was born.

I remember in the very early days, when Caleb was just five days old and I was exhausted, overwhelmed, and feeling like we were completely in over our heads, I was at my doctor’s office and he said some of the most important words I have heard yet as a mother. I told him we had been receiving a lot of help with the baby, particularly from my mother who had been staying overnight to help, and I wondered if this was an okay thing, or if we really needed to be more independent and try to do it all on our own. My doctor, usually a man of very few words and lacking compassion a lot of days, told me of his own experience when his first child was born. He said for the first month of her life, they had overnight help; first, his mother stayed for two weeks, then his mother in law stayed for two weeks. He told me to accept all the help I could get, and said, “don’t you find it odd that the U.S. is one of the only countries where entire families don’t live together?” I have taken his words to heart every single day since, and I have not been afraid to ask for help when we need it. His words carried me through the first few weeks when I felt like a failure of a mother for not being able to do it all on our own.

Now that I am finally getting the swing of things, and feeling like a real mom (at last), I still realize we could never do it on our own, and I am so grateful for the “village” that has been behind us since the day our son was born.

My parents have been our strongest support system and when I say we couldn’t have done it without them… I truly mean it. My mother has dedicated countless hours to helping us in our times of need (which occur a lot), and is madly in love with her grandson. From bringing us dinner, to comforting both the baby and I during our crying sessions, to teaching us to bathe him, to being his babysitter now that I’m back to work, and to everything else in between… my mother has been our rock. My father has been supportive as well and has been understanding of the times my mother needed to be rushed over for a “baby emergency.” He too has spent countless nights having dinner with us and just keeping us company after Jerry goes to work for the evening.

My best friends have not only NOT left my side (even though they aren’t yet parents) but love my child as if he were their own. I wouldn’t want to do life without these people, and I am so grateful that they choose to spend a lot of their nights and weekends hanging out with my son and I, even though there are a million other things they could be doing.

My family and friends who have come to meet Caleb, who brought us dinners because we were exhausted, who watch the baby when we need to get errands done or want to go to book club, who give us advice, who answer our frantic texts with parenting questions, who spend time with us, just to keep us company… we are really so lucky, and so is Caleb to know and love these people.

So many people have done so much for us, and continue to do so much. I am really just grateful, above all else, that Caleb has so many people that love him… that is truly one thing he will never be in short supply of, and one thing you can never have too much of.

Yes, it really does take a village, and man do I love my village!

collage 2 resize

There are A LOT more people who are special to us too, but I don’t have photos of everyone with Caleb yet!


Five on Friday (7)

My smiley guy in his sweater and hat knit by my grandma.

My smiley guy in his sweater and hat knit by my grandma.

ONE. Caleb had his two month doctor’s appointment on Monday. He now weighs just over 15 pounds (!) which is the 96th percentile, and is 24 inches long. My baby boy is BIG! He did pretty well with his shots, and just cried for a couple of minutes. I was a proud mama! Also… Caleb has his own jam these days. Every single time he hears “Love Me Like You Do,” he instantly stops crying. He is also entranced by the music video. Appropriate? Probably not.

TWO. The weather has finally turned a bit this week. It was around 60 degrees out yesterday which was by and far our warmest day of the year so far, so I’ve been enjoying going for walks and getting some fresh air finally. I even went for an hour long walk with a girlfriend on Wednesday which was really nice. I’m waiting for it to warm up just a touch more, and then I’ll be out walking with Caleb in the stroller… can’t wait!

THREE. I’m going back to work on Monday. This has been the quickest 12 weeks of my life, and I can’t believe my maternity leave is just about over. I’m going to miss my little man, but I also feel that it will be good for me to get back out into the world. I’ve kind of been feeling like I’ve been in my own little bubble since Cal was born. Mamas, how did you deal with going back to work?

FOUR. I’ve been getting into a lot of TV shows since I’ve been out on maternity leave. Most recently, I started watching “Dancing With the Stars” for the first time ever because CHRIS SOULES. Seriously, I was such a huge fan of “The Bachelor” that I decided to watch DWTS even though I’ve never had any interest. I have to say, I’m actually starting to enjoy it! I want him to win, but I really don’t think that’s going to happen. Rumer, Riker, and Willow are definitely the most talented I’d have to say. Jerry and I also took the plunge and signed up for Amazon Prime the other day when I was frantically searching for a humidifier for Caleb (he’s congested) and wanted it delivered in two days. There’s a whole slew of shows on there too that I want to watch now… not to mention my Netflix queue. Too many shows, too little time!

FIVE. I’ve been able to read a decent amount again finally! Last week, I finished my first book since Caleb was born 10 weeks ago. Right before he was born, I started The Wedding Bees by Sarah-Kate Lynch, and I finally finished it. It was pretty cute! Now I’m reading a really awesome parenting book called The Sh!t No One Tells You by Dawn Dais. It’s hilarious, honest, candid, and she touches on subjects that most people are afraid to talk about when it comes to parenting. I’ve been reading every night again because Caleb is finally sleeping well (fingers crossed that doesn’t change). He typically goes to sleep between 9 and 10, and sleeps until around 8! It’s been amazing; I know what sleep is again! I usually stay up for a couple of hours after he goes to bed because it’s my “me time” where I get to read, catch up on blogs, etc.

Happy weekend, everyone! I can’t believe this is my last one before returning to work… better make it count! Luckily, Jerry is going in early and getting out early today (he usually works until 2 AM) so I finally get to spend a weeknight with my hubby! We’re also excited for Caleb’s first Easter and will be spending the day with family. Do you have any plans?


One year of home ownership!

resized outsideMarch 28th marked one year of home ownership for Jerry and I! It has seriously flown by. It really doesn’t feel like it was over a year ago now that we were sitting down and signing the (hundreds) of papers.

We really enjoy being homeowners and have found a lot of pros and cons. The biggest pro for us is the sense of pride we get in owning a home and the ability to do whatever we’d like to do, in terms of remodeling and updating. Any cons would definitely have to be related to money and expenses. We’ve had to replace some broken appliances unexpectedly, which is never cheap. We’d also like to do a lot more work to the house, but simply don’t have the money to do it all at the moment. Even though owning a home can be very costly, we’re ultimately really happy and fortunate to be homeowners.

I realized I’ve never really done much of a home tour on here, so I wanted to share a few photos of our home. Most of these were taken in the fall, before Caleb was born. New pictures would include the abundance of baby items we have hanging around. :)

resized foyerThis is our front foyer. When you enter, you can either go upstairs or downstairs since we live in a split level. I won’t be sharing any photos of the downstairs since it’s kind of a work in progress, but downstairs is our second living room AKA the man cave, a full bathroom, my library/office, our laundry room, and our garage. Upstairs is where we primarily spend most of our time as it includes our main living room, kitchen, dining room, another full bath, and three bedrooms.

entranceThis is what you see when you first walk up the stairs. That red cabinet is my favorite! To the left is the kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms. To the right is the living room and dining room.

resized livingThis is the living room. My favorite part about is probably the two bookshelves that are on either side of the TV, since these are the shelves that hold my favorite books. We spend the majority of our time in the living room so I’ve spent a lot of time decorating it.

resized diningThis is the dining room, where we basically only eat when we have company. It opens up to the living room, and is on the other side of the kitchen.

resized bathroomThis is the upstairs bathroom, where we’ve done a little bit of work. My grandma quilted the shower curtain for me to go along with my primitive decor! We’d ultimately like to do more though and basically want to gut both bathrooms.

I don’t have any shots of the (ugly) kitchen or the bedrooms, but if you’re interested in Caleb’s nursery, I did an entire tour of that here. I’ll definitely have to do a more thorough tour with the bedrooms, downstairs, and library when I can get the house cleaned up better and get some more photos taken!

Anyway… I’m really proud of all that we’ve been able to accomplish in this first year of homeownership. So far, we’ve been able to:

  • Get a new refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine, and toilet
  • Install two new ceiling fan lights (living room and Caleb’s nursery)
  • Replace three light fixtures with more modern, mason jar style ones (kitchen, dining room, foyer)
  • Tear down wallpaper in two rooms
  • Paint five rooms
  • Install carpet in Caleb’s room
  • Do a bit of plumbing work in the bathroom including new handles and spout in the tub.
  • Do a small bathroom makeover (new toilet, removed wallpaper, painted, added wainscoting and crown molding)

When I write it all down, I realize just how much we’ve been able to do so far. We’ve really been able to improve our home A LOT, even though we still have a lot of work left to do and feel like we’ll never be able to afford it or find the time. Things we’d still like to do include:

  • An entire kitchen remodel to include new cabinets, new countertops, new flooring, new sink, and ripping down the wallpaper to paint. We’d also like to knock down the wall between the kitchen and dining room to expand it, then add an island. The kitchen remodel is our biggest house goal, but also the most expensive and not likely to happen for many years!
  • Replace or fix the wood floors that are in our entire upstairs
  • Do full bathroom remodels in both bathrooms (new tubs, flooring, sinks, vanities, etc.)
  • Eventually (maybe) remodel the downstairs into a master suite
  • Replace the garage door
  • Replace a few other doors
  • Replace the windows
  • Install ceiling fan lights in the remaining two bedrooms
  • Tear up the old carpeting downstairs and replace with new carpet, wood, or tiles
  • Do some landscaping outside by putting down mulch and planting some flowers

None of these things are financially feasible for us right now, but definite goals we have for the future… ya know, for when we win the lottery. ;)

That was our first year in a nutshell! Lots accomplished but lots left to do, we’re just unsure of when.

What home improvement projects have you done? What projects would you like to do? Is your home wishlist a mile long like ours?


My body, post-baby

My post-baby body, 9 weeks postpartum

My post-baby body, 9 weeks postpartum

Before I was even pregnant, I was nervous to GET pregnant because of the weight gain that I knew was to come. While most women don’t appreciate gaining weight, I was especially sensitive about it because I had lost 118 pounds in the two years prior to my pregnancy. A lot of things scared me about pregnancy, including labor and delivery, but perhaps the scariest of all was the whole weight thing.

It’s been nine weeks to the day since I delivered my baby boy, and I am definitely not where I want to be, physically. I gained 70 pounds during my pregnancy, which I know is my own fault and way above the amount of gain recommended. I had every intention to remain fit and healthy during my pregnancy, and continued tracking food and exercising the first few weeks; hell, I even ran a 5K! Things kind of came crashing down for me after my threatened miscarriage though, which lasted about two weeks and scared the living crap out of me. Prior to that, my family begged me to stop running, but after consulting with doctors who said it was fine, I continued. And while I obviously know now that my exercise did not cause the threatened miscarriage (a subchorionoc hemorrhage did), I immediately ceased all exercise.

Eventually, I got back into walking and I exercised on and off throughout the pregnancy, but not consistently. I also gave in to my cravings way too often, and found myself way heavier than I wanted to be by the time I gave birth. I know many women bounce right back and lose the pregnancy weight right away, but that has not been the case for me due to my excessive gain. I’m working on it though.

As soon as I had my six week checkup and was cleared to work out again, I was right back at it and at the gym the following morning. In those three weeks, I’ve managed to lose around 4.5 pounds, on top of the weight that came off immediately after delivery. In total, I’m down 23.5 pounds since Caleb’s birth. I’m proud of this progress, but I know I still have a long way to go. I need to drop another 46.5 to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight, and 55ish before I’m back at my lowest weight (right before our wedding… I gained a few after, thanks to our honeymoon!). After that, I still have about 20 pounds to lose to reach my ultimate goal, which I never reached and was still working towards when we got pregnant.

So all this to say, my journey to being healthy is a never ending one. Who would’ve known when I declared in January 2012, at 270 pounds, that I would finally lose the weight… that I would be right? That I would actually do it? That I would change my entire life?

Now, I am nowhere near where I started. I am not 270 pounds again, and I am so grateful that I never got back to that point (and I don’t plan on ever seeing that number again!)… but I am also not at my best. I am not at my fittest, my healthiest, my most active, or my smallest. I am a mom though, which is even better than all of those things. It also motivates me to be my best, to be better than I am now, and I fully intend to be.

I know it may seem like I have a lot to (re)lose and a long way to go to get back to my fittest (half-marathon, anyone?), but I will get there and I will do it… again. The numbers don’t seem so daunting or scary after all that I already lost. It’s going to be slow going though. Before Caleb, I worked out five or six days a week for an hour or more… it was a huge part of my life. Now, it’s hard to find the time and energy to work out, so I shoot for three or four days a week for 30 minutes or so and I’m back to logging my calories; it’s a start. I miss that phase of my life, where I spent hours on runs and felt and looked fit… but I’m also in this new phase of my life – new mommyhood – and I wouldn’t trade that for anything. I’ll have time for that other stuff again later, when my baby’s no longer a baby. For now, I’ll do my best to dedicate as much time and energy to weight loss as I can and I’m even going to start training for my second half-marathon. In the meantime, I’ll forgive myself when progress is slow, and realize that in due time, I will get back there.

So while I hate the squishy belly I’m sporting once again, and I get breathless after a short workout like I used to, I can’t say that I’m mad. That squishy belly carried and fed my child for over nine months. These bloated hands now hold my baby boy. The hours I spend with him that I used to spend at the gym are now priceless; it’s time I can never get back as my baby grows and grows like a weed. Sure, I hate that most of my clothes don’t currently fit, but I am working at getting back to where I used to be, and I know I’ll be there soon enough. I’m determined to get there again, and I will. For now though, I can only thank my body for creating my beautiful son… that’s what my post-baby body is really all about.


For comparison: 6 weeks pregnant, 40 weeks pregnant, 9 weeks postpartum



Good, cheap glasses (Firmoo)!

Firmoo resizedSo… glasses. I’ve been wearing them since fourth grade and have kind of a love/hate relationship with them. I mostly wish I didn’t need to wear them. I’ve actually tried contact lenses a few times in my life, most recently for my wedding. This time around, I actually managed to get them in and out a few times after hours of trying, but STILL didn’t manage to get them both in on my actual wedding day because I was too nervous. I’ve given up and resigned to the fact that I’m going to be a glasses wearer for life.

So awhile back, I was asked to review a pair of glasses for Firmoo, which is a website for ordering prescription glasses online. I don’t typically review a lot of items on here, but I was very intrigued since glasses usually cost an arm and a leg, and most of theirs are around the $20-30 mark, which is basically a steal. I get sick of my frames very easily since I wear them every day of my life, but at a hundred bucks a pop or more through the optometrist’s office, I can only afford a new pair every few years. I decided I’d give them a shot, and I have to say I was honestly very pleased with my experience and have recommended them to quite a few people already.

First and foremost, be aware that you need to get all your prescription numbers from the eye doctor then input them into the website. I actually goofed on this because as we all know, doctors have horrible handwriting usually. I input the numbers wrong and my first pair arrived way off the mark. Luckily, Firmoo was really great about returns, and after inputting the numbers again, were able to get me a new pair fairly quickly, although the original frames I had chosen were no longer available and I needed to choose a new pair.

The pair I chose were under $30 which is an awesome deal and I actually got a ton of compliments on them. They feel a little light but I’ve been wearing them for a couple of months now with no issues at all. I alternate between this pair and my old pair now and I notice no difference in the quality of the prescription. I also wanted to note that you can update a photo of yourself and virtually “try on” the glasses.

Their service is really great. I received my glasses in just a few days, and they arrived in a nice, sturdy case and included a cloth to wipe the lenses with. I was surprised at the speed of the shipping. Their customer service is also top notch. I had to email them quite a few times and always received a prompt and courteous response in 24 hours or less.

I should note that there are a lot of add on options when ordering the frames such as no scratch, but I stuck to the basics and have been very happy with them.

All in all, I love these glasses. I highly recommend Firmoo because they are affordable but also good quality. Because of their low prices, Firmoo is perfect for people like me who wear glasses daily and would like a few pairs to be able to switch it up… that’s what I’ve been doing. I will definitely order from them again the next time I want a new pair (which will probably be pretty soon). Firmoo definitely has a new customer in me (and no, I was not paid to say any of these things! I just received my pair for free and I really do love them).


Caleb: Two Months!

resized sign

Caleb is two months old today! I really don’t know where the time is going, but it’s definitely flying!

He is very much on the large side still. He is approximately 14.5 pounds, but it’s just a guess after weighing at home. At his doctor’s appointment three weeks ago (one month appointment that was a bit later than a month), he was 12 pounds, 4 ounces and 88th percentile for weight. We have his two month appointment in a little over a week. He’s been in size 2 diapers and 3-6 month clothing for about two weeks now. Yikes! He is  currently drinking about 5 ounces at each feeding, and eating about every two hours during the day; he has quite the appetite!

resized motherhood He is starting to get more and more of a personality. He now smiles for real which absolutely kills me! He does it the most in the mornings when he’s well rested. Basically, talking and smiling to him will usually garner a smile in return! I absolutely love it.resized smiles

He has a few things he really likes including this new monkey that’s attached to his carseat, the mobile above his crib, being pantless (yup), and finally his swing. He hated it at first, but now he’s starting to like it. He still cries in it half the time, but the other half it’ll actually calm him down and put him to sleep. He loves facing out, sitting up, and looking around at the world. He’s not a fan of lying down anymore, unless he’s sleeping, and he prefers us walking him around instead of sitting… oy! He really just likes being in motion. Car rides generally soothe him and put him to sleep, and we’ve taken him to the mall a few times to walk him around in his stroller which has the same effect.

resized17 Sleep has been somewhat inconsistent. We had three amazing nights this month (8 hours, 9 hours, and 10 hours) which I was so grateful for and excited about. Other than that, he generally still sleeps a five hour stretch followed by a three hour stretch which isn’t really bad, but I got spoiled by those awesome nights. Then of course we had a crappy three hour night a few days ago that reminded me of the early weeks. We’re hoping that doesn’t happen again.

He’s still sleeping next to our bed in his Rock and Play but is quickly becoming too long for it. We’ve tried daytime naps in his crib which haven’t been the best. He did four days a in a row, in which he slept a bit longer each day (7 minutes, 8 minutes, 9 minutes, then 90 minutes… not sure where he’s getting his math from! I was thrilled about that 90 minute one though!). The last couple of weeks, he hasn’t been sleeping well during the day though (resulting in fussiness), and has instantly awoken any time I put him in the crib. We may just have to go cold turkey at night and just start putting him in there at bedtime once the video monitor gets installed by Jerry. The goal was to have him in his crib by the time I go back to work (which is in two weeks!). I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t scared about him sleeping in another room though. Mamas, any tips on getting over that fear of having him out of my sight in his own room?

resized18 Caleb has had a couple of firsts this month including his first time out to dinner (he did well!), his first St. Patrick’s Day (yes, he is a bit Irish on my mom’s side), and his first photo with the Easter Bunny. He refused to smile for that one, but all things considered (giant creepy bunny), he did great by simply NOT crying!

resized19So all in all, it’s been a month of ups and downs with some great nights of sleep, some NOT so great nights of sleeps, lots of smiles, but also lots of fussiness. Some days are easy and great, others are hard, particularly when he’s overtired and refuses to sleep or be put down. In general though, he’s a good little baby and his face always makes me smile. I learn a little bit more each day about being a mom!

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