Review: Maggie’s Turn by Deanna Lynn Sletten

Title: Maggie’s Turnmaggie
Author: Deanna Lynn Sletten
Genre/Audience: Women’s fiction, adult
Publication: 2013
Source: For review

Review by Kim

Summary: Maggie Harrison is a devoted wife and mother, always putting the needs of others ahead of her own. Then, one day, without planning, she drives away, leaving behind an indifferent husband and two sulking teenagers. Finally able to enjoy her own passions and follow her dreams, she begins to question her deteriorating marriage and wonders if it can be saved.

My Thoughts: I could totally relate to the topic of this book. Who hasn’t questioned their choices in life and paths not followed and wondered what if? I’m not sure that leaving her kids behind is something she should have done, but she was having such a good time, she was not ready to face her home life again. She and her husband had started out very much in love and then just kind of went their separate ways, so it was interesting to see if they could find their way back to each other. I liked the story line, although  at times the writing was a little bit corny, sort of Debbie Macomber-like, which is not a bad thing at all. Sometimes you just need a little sweetness and light in your reading. Overall, an enjoyable read. 

My Rating: 3.5/5


  1. Thanks for being a host on my book blog tour. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts with your readers. I certainly would never balk at being compared to Debbie Macomber – she has a large reading audience. :-)

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