That one time I got married…

Stephanie and Jerry LR-118So, remember that time I got married two months ago and I never blogged about the actual wedding even though you listened to my wedding updates for over a year? Yeah, that happened. Anyways, yes, I got married! It was exactly two months ago today, on October 5th, and my, how time flies!

Has its seriously already been two whole months since I walked down the aisle?! I can hardly believe it, especially after 14 months of planning, obsessing, and several nervous breakdowns. I will say I was in NO way, shape, or form a bridezilla at all during the planning process. I was so incredibly cool and low key about it all, but the last few days I was a train wreck, having at least two crying sessions when things didn’t work out as planned, or people could not make it to the wedding last minute, or my flower girl got sick (by the way, so did my parent’s flower girl when they got married. Weird, huh?)… but everything worked out! My cousin stepped in as flower girl at the last mStephanie and Jerry LR-167inute, and the people who couldn’t come were missed but it didn’t affect my happiness or enjoyment of the day. Everything was fine.

The week of the wedding was an amazing blur of family time and lots of fun. Several family members came in from out of town and it was so amazing to have them here. My grandparents, aunt and I went to Niagara Falls one day because my grandfather had never been, the rehearsal dinner was a blast (we had cookie cake!), and the night before the wedding was one I will never forget. Some of my best friends and I stayed overnight at a hotel and had an absolute blast being ridiculous, making a (Miley Cyrus) music video, and reminiscing. Then the big day arrived! And while I couldn’t get my contacts in but refused to wear my glasses so I couldn’t see everything, it was still a day to remember… the best day of my life!

Everyone always says the day flies by and wow, how true that is. From the moment I first stepped into the church on shaky legs to the last dance of the night, it flew by. And even though I couldn’t see all that clearly, our wedding pictures revealed how emotional Jerry was when he first saw me walking towards him. That made everything worth it. Stephanie and Jerry LR-185

The reception was a blast. I danced all night and acted totally unlike me. I was out of my shell and so incredibly happy that I just let loose and had an amazing times with all of my loved ones, especially my new husband. There were tears (my aunt when she did a reading at the ceremony, me and everyone else when my maid of honor gave her speech), but they were out of love and happiness. The love and happiness I felt that day was truly something else: the love from friends and family, and more, the love from Jerry.

The DJ called the wedding party out to “Harlem Shake,” and when he got to Jerry and I, Jerry had concocted a little surprise for me. He had the DJ change it to “Marry Me” by Train, and he threw real rose petals on the floor for me to walk across. Yes, all the ladies swooned. :) Now that sStephanie and Jerry LR-177ong is just about as important to me as our first dance song, “Crazy Girl,” by Eli Young Band. I’ll always remember the last song of the night, too: “I Love It,” by Icona Pop. I also can’t forget when Chris, one of my best friends, taught everyone how to dance to “Gangnam Style,” one of the worst songs of all time.

I have so many amazing memories of our wedding day and I wish I could relive it all over again! HowStephanie and Jerry LR-261ever, I know we have many more amazing years to look forward to, and as a Twitter friend told me, it’s about having a great marriage, not a great wedding, though I say, why not both? ;) We left the next day on our honeymoon, a Royal Caribbean cruise to the Bahamas and Key West. It was our first, but definitely won’t be our last. We absolutely fell in love with cruising and can’t wait to go again. The highlight of our trip was our sea lion encounter, and food. We ate ALL THE FOOD. Plus, just spending some quality time together on a much needed vacation. We seriously cannot wait to cruise again.

Our wedding and honeymoon were truly everything we could have hoped for and more. Thank you to everyone who made our time so special; you all know who you are!


Sea Lion encounter on our honeymoon!


  1. Gramma Sharon says:

    It truly was a beautiful wedding and we are so happy we could have been there to share in your happiness.

  2. Oh my gosh, Steph! Congratulations! I’m a horrible bloggie friend…I didn’t even know you got married! :(

    You look SO gorgeous in your wedding pictures though, and I’m so so so happy for you! My wedding is in less than a month, and stress is just barely starting to settle in!

    • No worries!! Sometimes it is so hard to keep up with everyone! Yes, the stress will really start to kick in now but relax if you can and remember that it’s really just about the two of you so nothing else matters that day!

  3. Beth Hoffman says:

    I have been WAITING for this post and was worried you’d never share photos and tell us about your fabulous day! You and Jerry made and amazingly beautiful bride and groom.

    Wow … what a beautiful and memorable wedding you had. I’m glad you let the stress fall away and had such a blast!

  4. Awwwww I love it. You look so happy. Thank you so much for sharing these with us.

  5. Congratulations!! You look stunning. You guys are a gorgeous pair. So glad you had a beautiful day. Weddings are special and should be remembered with good moments.


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