Mom moments I’ll always remember

I am not one to be mushy or overly affectionate. I am very emotional and sensitive, but feel awkward talking about these feelings, so a lot of the times, I just don’t. With that said, I often wonder if the people in the world who are most important to me realize just how much they mean to me. Today, of course, I want to recognize my mom.

My mom and I really are best friends. We do everything together, and now we even work together! She’s the one I tell all most of my secrets to, and we never go a day without talking to or seeing each other. My life would have been so different if I had anyone else as my mom. She shaped me entirely. I’ve said before that my love of books has all but dictated my life. My career choice revolved around it, and reading is my biggest passion. Well, the reason I got into reading in the first place was because of my mother, who loves books almost as much as I do (but is an infinitely faster reader). I grew up on weekly visits to the library with my mother which continued all the way up until I was 21 and landed a job there, hence no longer needing the visits.

Even though we would get into semi-frequent screaming matches when I was a teenager, I have never had a better friend than my mother. She is crazy smart, loves animals as much as I do (and even babysits my neurotic dog), and is my constant source of support and advice (which I usually take, except for when she advised me against falling in love with a man online, who turned out to be my husband… the one time she was wrong!). I truly don’t know who I would be if it weren’t for her.

Mom, I will always remember when I went away to college at 18 and called you crying every single day until I moved back home after three months. You were the voice I needed to hear to calm me down. You were one of the reasons I was so homesick.

I will always remember our visits to the library when you would help me pick out books and pay all of my fines. You were the one who picked out the first Alice book for me, which has since become one of my all time favorite series. You also always let me order all the books I wanted from the Scholastic orders in school too. I always had the biggest stack in the class when the orders arrived.

I will always remember when you were a room mom in fourth grade. We each had our own little mailbox, and every time that you came in, you would put a note in mine with a little gift attached, usually one of those little stuffed animal keychains from the dollar store. I would anxiously scurry over to my mailbox right after you arrived, excited to see my newest gift.

I will always remember binge watching “Gilmore Girls” in my room with you and Bup, and laughing loudly at the antics of our favorite mother/daughter duo. We even got bags and shirts off of eBay to commemorate our love for the show. Oy with the poodles already!

And though we have had so many big, exciting moments too, it is these moments – the little ones – that I remember the most. These small things are precisely what led me to realize I have a pretty awesome mom.

Happy Mother’s Day to you!


Mom, me, and Grandma on my wedding day!



  1. Gramma Sharon says

    You are lucky to have her as a Mom, and I’m lucky to have her as a daughter. Love you both

  2. Kim says

    Aw, you made me cry! And what do you mean you tell me only most of your secrets? I do admit I was wrong about the online boyfriend, but it’s a mother’s job to worry. He could have been a serial killer.

  3. Jo Ann VerHulst says

    What a beautiful Mother’s Day tribute to you mom Steph! You are lucky to have each other! Kim, we are blessed with the great children we have….good job mom!

  4. Beth Hoffman says

    I’ve been on book tour and behind on reading my favorite blogs. Oh my gosh, this one had me teary! What a gorgeous testament to your mom.

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