A lifechanger!

I don’t think that I have ever had more exciting and lifechanging news to share than I do right now. So, here goes…

cakeJerry and I are so excited to share that we are going to be having a baby!

As of today, I should be about five weeks along, if all of our estimations are correct. We’ll know for sure at my first appointment in just a couple of weeks!

I will share more details and information in a few days in a lengthier post, but for now, we just wanted to get our exciting news out there! We really couldn’t be happier and cannot wait to have a baby.



  1. A BABY!!!! OH MY GOSH!!!!!!

  2. Congratulations!! How exciting!!

  3. Melissa says:


  4. So exciting!! Congrats!!

  5. Awe!! Congratulations!! :D

  6. What a fabulous debut for 2015!!! Congrats–wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy. <3

  7. Oh my goodness!!!!! Congratulations!!!! What awesome news!!!

  8. How exciting, Steph! Congratulations!

  9. Beth Hoffman says:

    HUGE CONGRATULATIONS!!! This is wonderful news, Steph. Big hugs to you and Jerry!

  10. Congratulations! So happy for you two!

  11. This is fantastic news! Congratulations! What an exciting time for you and Jerry! All the best to you both :)

  12. This is wonderful news! Life changing for sure! Start collecting your favorite children’s books!

  13. Congratulations Steph! How exciting!!!

  14. Congrats. What great news. just had a cousin have a baby yesterday. A baby girl and got another cousin due in oct with a baby girl as well.

  15. Congrats on the new addition! How exciting :)


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